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Traditional Rejuvenating Heat

This hot enzyme bath is totally different from a normal bath that we usually imagine about. Instead of water, it is the combination of wood shavings, fruit and vegetable enzymes that can ferment and generate a natural source of heat. This therapy is said to be developed in Japan over 60 years ago by several scientists specializing in the field of bacteria and fermentation. Till now, it has still been widely recognized as one with strong healing power. Known as ‘Koso Buro’ in Japanese (‘koso’ for enzyme, ‘buro(furo)’ for bath), the enzyme bath is a unique and special therapy that supports and recovers the body immunity and self-healing systems.


What is an enzyme?

It is a kind of protein constructed with a long chain of amino acids. Its functional sections always carry some atoms of minerals such as iron, copper, magnesium, or zinc. Various compounds of molecules are resolved or synthesized at such sections. This way, under the natural environment, enzyme, working as a catalyst, generates energy or produces each substance required in every step of maintaining life. Without enzyme, none of the metabolic process occurs in the cells. It simply means none of the living creatures, animals, plants, fishes, birds, insects, and bacteria can live without enzymes. Enzymes are essential for good health, but apparently many of us suffer from an enzyme deficiency.

A set of enzyme to support life of a single cell bacteria is basically the same as that working in the multi cell creatures like us. That is the way in which bacteria in the kosoburo help us with their enzyme. The kosoburo is normally heated up initially to 78°C through fermentation; which is caused by thousands of different active enzymes produced by various kinds of innumerable bacteria, living there eating food, drinking water and breathing air just like other visible creatures. Therefore we also could say, the bath is filled with useful bacteria, enzyme and various nutrients originally contained in protein, vitamins and minerals.


First Step

Prior entering the bath, you will be given a “MK Enzyme Drink”, brewed with fermented fruits and vegetables that contains enzymes that act as internal digestive aids to complement internal (heat) detoxification. Then you will lie down and be comfortably covered in the bath with a temperature up to 55 °C for 20 minutes soaking in the private room.

The heat by ferment is natural, and it is never too hot. It is quite comfortable, because it emits infrared rays. The bath warms and relaxes you completely. Body wastes will be removed via perspiration, which would highly improve your immunity and natural healing power. It is because in the enzyme bath, your perspiration contains 7 times as much body wastes as your usual perspiration.
After the enzyme bath, you will proceed to take a quick rinse in the shower room. Before the session ends, you will take a 15 to 30 minutes rest in the resting room as the internal heat is still circulating in the body. The effects to the body are similar to a major workout. Detoxification is effective because the quality of perspiration produced has six times as much waste as urine. At the same time enzyme bath has a major restorative effect similar to what achieved only by deep sleep.


What is the secret?

The heat generated by fermentation, which is actually far-infrared rays, and enzymes reach deep inside your body through the entire skin surfaces. Waste matter and toxins are discharged from the body in the form of perspiration and enzymes are absorbed through open pores, which eventually activate your metabolism and strengthen your body constitution.

Some may wonder if such substances go through the skin, but in fact any substance (either good or bad) can penetrate easily into our body and even into the cells if it is on par with the molecular level. For instance, for a man working in a contaminated environment (such as in a chemical factory without wearing proper protective measures), the chemicals floating in the air easily reaches to his skin through his working clothes and get into his body which sometimes causes cancer in the skin or even in some internal organs.

Enzymes and other substances penetrate the skin and get in the blood circulation through the capillaries under the skin and finally reach all the cells of your body. If some cells of internal organs are short of enzymes, this process helps them to recover their normal activities enhancing metabolic process.

When the infrared rays of 65°C heats up your body, your autonomic nerve system begins to accelerate blood circulation, increase the pulse, widen the blood vessels and starts perspiration to cool down your body maintaining its temperature within the acceptable level.

During the 20 minutes, totally covered by the enzymes, all those functions occur at the same time and rejuvenate your body (and even your spirit!) towards the same favorable goal of enhancing self-healing and immune systems. Blood circulation gets accelerated to its maximum. Perspiration starts throwing out toxic substances. Enzymes get in your body gradually starting to support the activities and metabolism of the cells.

Your internal enzymes often tend to be heavily retarded by mental and physical stress, chemicals, excessive drinking and eating, smoking and so on. In addition, through aging, ability and speed to produce enzymes goes downwards. Moreover, today,minerals contained in food fall short due to excessive use of agrichemicals, which kills bacteria in the soil, and artificially synthesized fertilizers, and refinery through production of processed food, which removes minerals. As a result, most people today tend to fall short of minerals. Since minerals are vital materials of enzyme, we, living in modern cities, are all short of enzymes to some extent, which brings out one of the major causes of immunodeficiency / immune deficiency.

Through regular use of kosoburo, you may easily and comfortably, improve and maintain your present health conditions, retarding aging at the same time! This is ideally effective not only for chronic diseases, but also for any physical injury to the body such as bruise, fracture, and burn, assisting and accelerating the natural self recovery system of a human body. Furthermore, it is observed marvelously effective in rehabilitation after any surgical operation, promoting recovery from damages, preventing infection or metastasis of cancer caused by weakened immunity.


Enzyme Bath purportedly offers numerous health benefits:
• Stimulate the opening of 5 excretory organs, resulting in elimination of wastes
• Helps to purify old blood
• Helps to make available essential nutrients to the other vital organs
• Raises internal immunity
• Bad genes mutation being retarded
• Detoxification
• Improves circulation, metabolism change, digestion & kidney flow
• Reduces pain, tension and fatigue


You will find that the Hot Enzyme Bath revitalizes you both mentally and physically. Your body condition will then be well balanced and natural self-healing power will be restored.



Enzyme bath is generally open to all genders and age. However, the Center reserves the right to disallow the use of the bath to anyone.


For users:
Those who are wearing contact lenses, please take them out. If you wish to take the bath with the contact lenses on, please inform our staff.

Those who have fester, contagious skin disease, and have a doctor order, are not allowed to enter the bath.


The use of Kosoburo is ONLY by appointment. The first appointment includes an Energy Assessment Check. So come to Vital Force Center and make an appointment with us at 6235 5377 to have a uplifting experience with the natural warmth from the Mother Earth!